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== Before release ==
Stuff I/we need to change before a release
* Currently no show stoppers for a release.
== Future ==
Use of JSON encoding in proc file? I foresee/predict that we need to
relay more advanced information via the kernel proc file, to
userspace. The easiest way would be to encode the proc file string as
a JSON string.
More advanced info would be need, when starting to implement/record
packet timestamping, and the PCR clock signals. Each stream can have
different threshold levels, regarding averate inter-packet arrival
time (IAT) and "allowed" bursts, dependend on the bandwidth and the
PCR clock. E.g. for a high-bandwidth HD channel is normal to see IAT
down to 0.3 ms, while for a low-bandwidth channel this would be
considered a burst.
== iptables-module ==
Implement byte and packet counters, for no-signal detection.
== Database ==
Document the tables, right now there is only the notes I made during
the evolution of the code.
== Collector ==
Implement no-signal detection, based on the byte and packet counters
from the kernel module.
== Homepage ==
== Ideas ==
To measure the collective burstiness behavior for all of the streams /
the entire network-stack, we could "just" look at the number of
packets being processed in NAPI mode.