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database: recommondations on database indexes

The web-interface will get slower and slower as more records are added.
As I don't know enough about database, I have to rely on advice from others.

These indexes were recommended by a user of the IPTV-analyzer:
 create index idx_logevent_rtime on log_event(probe_id,record_time);
 create index idx_logevent_mchannel on log_event(multicast_dst,record_time);

Which solved his performance issues.

Signed-off-by: Jesper Dangaard Brouer <>
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Jesper Dangaard Brouer authored
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database-schema-0.9.0.sql db: Added file database-schema-0.9.0.sql for tracking v0.9.0
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database-upgrade-0.9.0-to-0.9.1.sql db+collector: Complete the rename from mp2t to mpeg2ts
notes_on_database_design.txt database: recommondations on database indexes

Table of Contents

Quick database HOWTO

Create the database

On database server call:

 mysql -u root -p

At the mysql prompt, write:

 drop database if exists tvprobe;
 create database tvprobe;

Grant access to database

At the mysql prompt, write:

 grant all on tvprobe.* to 'tvprobe'@'localhost' identified by 'CHANGEPASSWORD';
 flush privileges;

If you want to, grant remote access:

 grant SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, EXECUTE on tvprobe.*
       to 'tvprobe'@''
       identified by 'CHANGEPASSWORD';
 flush privileges;

Create tables

At the UNIX prompt write:

 mysql -u root -p tvprobe < database-schema-latest.sql
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