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= iptables kernel module =

This xt_mpeg2ts iptables kernel module analyses the contents of MPEG2
Transport Stream (TS) packets, and can detect TS/CC packet drops.
(Previous name of kernel module were xt_mp2t)

== Dependencies ==

Minimum iptables version >= 1.4.3, is required by iptables userspace
part of the module.

The iptables developer include files are also required (specifically

No patching of the Linux kernel is required, but the kernel source is
required.  The module takes advantage of the kernel build/make system.

Minimum kernel version required is 2.6.28 (due to some RCU changes).

See: the README.compile file for further instructions.

== Example: iptables rule ==

An iptables rules that matches all MPEG2 TS traffic.

  iptables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -p udp -m mpeg2ts

Notice how its necessary to add '-p udp' as the match module only
accepts UDP traffic.

== Proc file containing stats ==

When creating a 'mpeg2ts' iptables rule, a corresponding proc file is
created in /proc/net/xt_mpeg2ts/rule_NAME.

* This file contains the stats.

When creating the iptables rule, its possible to specify a '--name'
for the proc file, which will replace the "NAME" (in rule_NAME).

If no '--name' is specified then the rule "NAME" will be an
increasing number, that corrosponds the number of "mpeg2ts" rules that
has been created (since the kernel module "xt_mpeg2ts" were loaded).

[FIXME: Needs fixing]
(Currently) If the same name is specified more than once, then the
kernel will give a WARNING, but the proc file will still be valid,
and will simply "cover" the previous one.  (Then this rule is deleted
again, then the old proc file will again be accessable. But be warned
don't delete them in the wrong direction, then "BUG: soft lockup"
will occur!!!)

  WARNING: at fs/proc/generic.c:590 proc_register+0x161/0x1a4()
  proc_dir_entry 'xt_mpeg2ts/rule_TEST' already registered

== Logging levels: msg_level ==

The xt_mpeg2ts kernel module has different levels of logging
statements, which can be adjusted runtime for debugging
purposes.  The levels are based upon the kernels netdevice log
infrastructure system, mostly used by Ethernet device drivers.

The levels are adjusted via a bit-vector called "msg_level".

The "msg_level" is runtime adjustable via:


And its possible to set it when loading the module:

  insmod xt_mpeg2ts msg_level=0x877

The possible bit values can be see in kernel source version of:


=== Syslogging drops ===

Enabling the RX_STATUS bit (0x0800) in msg_level, results in the
module will printk when it detects CC-skips and
discontinuity (where a discontinuity cover several CC skips).

* CC-skips, is printed at KERN_INFO level.

* Discontinuities, is printed at KERN_NOTICE level.

Notice, that these syslog messages are rate limited (via
net_ratelimit) and therefor CANNOT be trused to be used for
parsing to obtain the drops.  These messages are for debugging
purposes to corrolate specific issues within streams where
detailed level is required (e.g. per PID drop info).

On the TODO list is a Netlink implementation, which will provide
the required information stability and give highres

=== Possible logging levels ===

From 'include/linux/netdevice.h'

  enum {
        NETIF_MSG_DRV           = 0x0001,
        NETIF_MSG_PROBE         = 0x0002,
        NETIF_MSG_LINK          = 0x0004,
        NETIF_MSG_TIMER         = 0x0008,
        NETIF_MSG_IFDOWN        = 0x0010,
        NETIF_MSG_IFUP          = 0x0020,
        NETIF_MSG_RX_ERR        = 0x0040,
        NETIF_MSG_TX_ERR        = 0x0080,
        NETIF_MSG_TX_QUEUED     = 0x0100,
        NETIF_MSG_INTR          = 0x0200,
        NETIF_MSG_TX_DONE       = 0x0400,
        NETIF_MSG_RX_STATUS     = 0x0800,
        NETIF_MSG_PKTDATA       = 0x1000,
        NETIF_MSG_HW            = 0x2000,
        NETIF_MSG_WOL           = 0x4000,