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Block cursor does not update in multiple views #1

netpro2k opened this Issue · 4 comments

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If the same file is open in multiple tabs, the block cursor only works correctly in the first tab that was opened


I'd like to fix this. But I'm new to Sublime Text. How do I open a file in multiple tabs? Sublime always switches to the tab where the file is opened for me.


I'm not sure if it's not about layouts. When i switch to 2 columns layout (Shift+Alt+2) or any other layout than Single, and I open a file in new view - block cursor works correctly only in the first view.


I can confirm this as well. Pretty new to sublime plugin API, so I am very likely making some incorrect assumptions


I got an idea after a bit of browsing through the API. you can get the window from the current view via view.window(), Window has the function window.views() which returns a list of views, which length increases when another tab is opened, in either a split etc.

Couldn't you just loop through the views and set the block cursor on each of them?

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