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This repository contains a *light-weight simulator used to illustrate the use of Delay Tolerant Networks as a Backbone for Low-cost Smart Cities

Code Navigation

  • This is the main file for running a simulation.
  • Contains the simulation parameters.
  • result_ananlysis.ipynb: A jupyter notebook for analyzing results of a simulation


For more information about the simulator, please refer to our paper. If you use this simulator or code in your own work, we are happy to receive a citation.

Oluwashina Madamori, Esther Max-Onapkoya, Christan Grant, and Corey Baker, “Using Delay Tolerant Networks as a Backbone for Low-cost Smart Cities,” to appear in the 5th IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing (SMARTCOMP 2019), June 2019, Washington D.C., USA.

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