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Static JIRA issue export

Export all issues of a JIRA issue tracker instance into static HTML files.

This static files can be indexed by an intranet search engine easily, without having to setup autologin in JIRA.

The first export will take quite some time. After that initial run, only projects with modifications since the last export will get updated, which makes it possible to run the export as cronjob every 15 minutes.


  1. Clone git repository
  2. $ cp data/config.php.dist /data/config.php
  3. Adjust data/config.php
  4. Install dependencies
  5. Run the initial import: $ ./bin/export-html.php
  6. Setup the web server document root to www/
  7. Setup cron to run the export every 15 minutes.

Note: If you use jira 4.4, only export once a day. jira-export doesn't support partial updates with it.

Export some projects only

If you care about only a fraction of the projects in a JIRA instance, you can choose to export those only.

Simply adjust $allowedProjectKeys in your configuration file:

$allowedProjectKeys = array('FOO', 'BAR');

Multiple JIRA instances

Use the -c command line option:

$ ./bin/export-html.php -c data/config-another.customer.php


  • PHP

  • Atlassian JIRA, at least version 4.4 with activated REST API. Version 5.1 or higher recommended.

  • Console_CommandLine from PEAR:

    $ pear install console_commandline
  • HTTP_Request2 from PEAR:

    $ pear install http_request2

Similar tools

  • Gigan - Parse JIRA XML into CouchDB

About jira-export


jira-export is licensed under the AGPL v3 or later.


Christian Weiske, Netresearch GmbH & Co KG