Convert restructuredText to Confluence style wiki.
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Convert reStructuredText to Confluence markup

Supported directives

  • bullet list
  • enumerated list
  • image, figure, confluence image galleries
  • definition list (with classifiers)
  • simple and grid tables
  • block quote
  • text effect
    • strong
    • emphasis
    • monospace
  • code blocks
  • links
  • admonitions
    • info
    • note
    • tip
    • warning
  • field lists
  • line blocks (except nested ones)
  • meta directives
  • substitutions

Additional features


When using the command line option --excerpt, your confluence code will mark up the first paragraph as excerpt.

Image galleries

Images and figures with class names that begin with gallery- form a gallery:

.. image:: cat.jpg
    :class: gallery-1
.. image:: dog.jpg
    :class: gallery-1
.. figure:: horse.jpg
    :class: gallery-2
    :scale: 50%

This creates two galleries: One with cat and dog, the other one with the horse picture only. All attributes are ignored on gallery images.

Gallery-classed images are converted to {gallery:include=a.jpg,b.jpg} Confluence markup.


./ /path/to/file.rst


From git checkout:

$ sudo ./ install

Without a git checkout from the Python Package Index:

$ pip install rst2confluence


  • python-docutils
  • colordiff (for running the tests)


We have some examples how rst2confluence should behave.

Check if it does what it should:


Run a single test:

./ test/figure.rst

Other tools

Use deploy-rst to automatically deploy rST documents into confluence.

Releasing a new version

  1. Fill ChangeLog

  2. Update version in

  3. Create release tag

  4. Upload to pip:

    $ ./ sdist upload