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Geolocation contexts

Allows you to show pages and content elements for people in certain countries, continents or within a given area.

It uses the Maxmind GeoIP database to determine the user's probable physical location. Note that this is working most of the time, but also fails regularly.

Country and Continent rules are pretty safe to use, while small distances are not accurate at all.


  1. Install the PHP extension geoip (requires root access to the server)

    If that is not possible, install the Net_GeoIP package from PEAR

  2. Install and activate this TYPO3 extension contexts_geolocation


  • contexts TYPO3 extension
  • static_info_tables TYPO3 extension
  • geoip PHP extension, see its homepage
  • or Net_GeoIP from PEAR instead of geoip

Context types

The contexts_geolocation extension ships with three different context types:


Matches when the user is on one of the selected continents.

Continent - unknown - can be used to match all users whose position could not be determined.


Matches when the user accessing the page is in one of the selected countries.

Country - unknown - can be used to match all users whose position could not be determined.


Select a location on a map and a distance, and the context matches when the user's location is within this area.

Note that the free geoip database does seldom give you exact locations, so this is more a fun experiment rather that it should be used in production.

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