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One key feature of the Netrium Language is the ability to incorporate financial market elements directly into the language. Once declared in the Units.db.xml file, they can be used as if they were a part of the language. Note that this means that the declared items must comply with Haskell naming conventions - i.e. they must be a single word, and start with a lowercase letter.

There is a sample units.db.xml file in the examples folder.

These elements are:

Cash Flow Types

for example: cash, premiums, interest payments, initial margins etc.

    <CashFlowTypeDecl name="cash"/>


  <CommodityDecl name="gas"/>

Commodities, for example: gas, electricity, carbon, brentoil etc.

Units of Measure

   <UnitDecl name="mwh"/>

Units of Measure, for example: mwh, bbl, tons, thm, aau etc.


  <LocationDecl name="nbp"/>

Locations, for example: nbp, uk, eu, ara, amprionHVG etc.


  <CurrencyDecl name="gbp"/>

Currencies, for example: gbp, eur, usd, yen etc.


To learn more, take a look through the sample library.

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