A blog web App powered by golang, document at https://gosense.netroby.com the author blog was an example
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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/netroby/gosense

Build Status

Document new site: https://gosense.netroby.com

Gosense is a blog web app powered by golang, see demo : https://www.netroby.com

Using MySQL as database to storage data. Using Amazon S3 to handle file uploads.


  1. AWS S3 file upload storage
  2. RSS output
  3. Powered by golang
  4. Builtin groupcache, amazing fast
  5. Less cpu, memory usage than (wordpress etc)


Before you start building. you may want to set proxy . or you will failed to build your gosense.

just rename .env.dist to .env and edit it ,change the http_proxy and https_proxy to your proxy server ip.

First clone this repository to you pc/mac/laptop.

git clone https://github.com/netroby/gosense.git

The vol directory contains templates, static resources(css, js), It will be mount by docker

Then rename config.toml.dist to vol/config.toml, and change admin password and aws sdk key, secret

You need following software installed to run gosense

  • docker-engine 17.06+
  • docker-compose 1.9+

We need them to build and run gosense

And you must install docker-engine and docker-compose, We using docker to build and running gosense.

We tested gosense with golang 1.5.* , 1.6.., 1.7. 1.8+

if you installed docker-engine and docker, please run

docker-compose up --build

Once you docker up and running, you may access demo via

To login, you need visit (The password will be found in config.toml file)

To create blog , you can visit

Remember change to your docker hosting machine real ip address.


We using MIT License, so feel free to change anything as you want.

Donate me please

Your donate will help me improve the code quality. I need money to pay for food, water.

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Scan QRCode donate me via Alipay




  • Fix bugs in docker-compose, now you can start gosense via docker-compose up --build


  • Now you can run gosense using docker-compose


  • Add Cache for list and view page, now performance got better


  • Now gosense handle time better than before
  • The search by keyword now working correct


  • The docker scripts now working perfect, you can easier deploy gosense


  • Fix bug in add blog
  • Now we can add, edit blog
  • Fix SQL load