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This is supposed to be a tool to build synchronize presentations (Future), instead of the presentation itself (Now).

Most of the work is in progress & there is no timeline.

This branch is always in sync with a deployment here hosted by the amazing folks at @nodester .

There is a lot to be done & there is no timeline. If you have any issues/feature-suggestions, create a task on github.

PS: The intro slide style was shamelessly copied from & the fonts used are "Open Sans Condensed" & "Marvel" from google's font directory


  • fix the UI for mobile & tablets ... with touch/swipe support
  • pdf export to upload to third party sites
  • hook up the irc code for Q/A (or add a box on the UI for that, for people who authenticate)
  • Fix internet situations at indian community conferences so that this tool becomes of some use to myself (not related to the project, but undoubtably important)
  • add controls to navigate & fullscreen the presentation