Easy way to generate ARM images for various boards
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Imaging scripts for ARM boards

In order to use these scripts you'll need to install ruby

The simplest way to run get a image is to call :

  ./run.rb -c config/CONFIG_DIR

where CONFIG_DIR is one of the various dirs under config/

Runtime requirements

  • ruby
  • axel ( to download images )

Partition layout

All rootfs partitions are formatted to ext4.

When using the tar backend

You MUST have your parted.txt setup in a way that it makes atleast 2 partitions.

Partition 1: This is where all the files from the boot/ folder of the tar are installed. This will be formatted to a fat partition.

Partition 2: This is where your rootfs will be installed.

When using the apt backend

You MUST have your parted.txt setup in a way that first partition is your rootfs partition.

Partition 1: This is where your rootfs and any packages you specify will be installed.

UBoot support

You can specify uboot files to be flashed to the image under the :uboot: field in config.yml

Files specified here will first be searched for in the Rootfs and then in the first vfat partition if you have specified one in the partition table.

Each of the keys under the top level :uboot: entry will be flashed in the order that you specify.

Each of the keys MUST have a :file: entry that specifies where the file can be found.

The dd_opts entry is optional.

Example config follows:

      :file: boot/SPL.bin
      :dd_opts: "bs=1K seek=1"
      :file: boot/u-boot.img
      :dd_opts: "bs=1K seek=42"

Boot config generation

If your uboot requires a special boot config that needs to land on the image, one can be specified by using the :config: option under the :bootloader: entry.

    :src: boot.ini.rb
    :dst: boot/boot.ini

You can only specify one config and it MUST have :src: entry relative to the config dir and a :dst: entry relative to the boot and rootfs partition.

The file will be written to both the rootfs and the boot partition if you are using a 2 partition setup.

The boot config can be extremely flexible, here's a list of useful variables that can be accessed inside the erb file :

  • rootfs_blkid -- blkid of the rootfs
  • bootfs_blkid -- blkid of the bootfs, if you have such a partition
  • uImages -- Array of kernel's found
  • uInitrds -- Array of initrd's found
  • uImage -- Highest kernel version found
  • uInitrd -- Highest initrd version found
  • c -- ImageConfig class, can be used to access everything the board config

Useful env variables

  • FIRMWARE_TAR_ARGS : Allows you to specify additional arguments to tar when unpacking the firmware tar, useful when your tar needs special component stripping.

  • ROOTFS_TAR_ARGS : Same as FIRMWARE_TAR_ARGS, but for the rootfs.


Everything is distributed under GPLv2.

See the COPYING file for the full license.