SCION Monitoring System
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baehless 23 refactor ip parameters (#51)
* removed redundant endpoint.IP parameter and added parameters for local/public binding addresses

* fixed reading IP address from scion address

* changed deployment and testing files to reflect parameter modification

* cleaned up comment and prometheus config file skeleton
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SCION Monitoring System

Project Structure

  • common: contains modules used in more than one component
  • endpoint: contains all files related to the Endpoint component
  • manager: contains all files related to the Manager component
  • scraper: contains all files related to the Scraper component
  • storage: contains all files related to the Storage component

Building from source

Make sure that you have go (at least version 1.10) and scionlab () installed. Then all you need to is is running go build <component>.go in the corresponding <component> folder. E.g. to build the manager component we have to run go build manager.go in /manager.