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The Datatank Europeana

Latest Version Software License

An Installed Resource for Europeana

This package contains a ready to use installed resource for The Datatank. This turns The Datatank into a proxy for the Europeana API. The Datatank REST API calls are funneled to the Europeana API. The responses are cached by The Datatank.

Note: This is an independent project which is currently not endorsed.

What is Europeana?

Europeana is an internet portal that acts as an interface to books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe. More then 2.000 institutions across Europe have contributed. These range from large names such as the Rijksmuseum, the British Library or the Louvre to regional archives and local museums.

See: Wikipedia article.

What does this Installed Resource provide?

The Installed Resource allows you to set up a simple RESTful web API that can be leveraged by your own specific applications, without having to deal with the complexity of the larger Europeana API.

At this point, the resource is geared towards creating a simple API for returning specific record collections uploaded by a specific data provider ie. National Library of Norway, Flemish Art Collection and others.

This allows data providers to set up an API with a high level overview of their holdings in Europeana really quickly.


Fetch the code

Clone this repository and move the TdtEuropeana folder to the installed/ folder.

git clone
cd TdtEuropeana
cp -R TdtEuropeana <TdtRoot>/installed

Fetch the PHP API library

Open up the composer.json file in the root of your Datatank installation and add the colada/europeana package like this:

    "require": {
        "colada/europeana": "dev-master",

Next run composer update to automatically fetch the package, install it in the vendor/ folder and add it to the vendor/composer/autoload_psr4.php class.

The installed resource will autmatically pick up any loaded library classes and use them.

Get an API Key

You will need an API key before you can connect to the API endpoint. You can register an account an obtain a key at the Europeana Labs website.


To start configuring, you need to copy the tdteuropeana.php file to your app/config folder in your Datatank installation:

cp <RepoRoot>/tdteuropeana.php <TdtRoot>app/config

After copying, open up the configuration file and start altering the values. At least you need to set the apiKey property with the key you just got after registering.


To start using the installed resource, start creating new dataset definitions using the Datatank UI. See Getting started for more information.

Alternatively, you could import the packaged definitions that come with this project:

cd <TdtRoot>
artisan datatank:import <RepoRoot>/definitions.json

To set the providerId in the configuration, navigate to either http://yourproject/europeana/providers or this Europeana API call: to see a list of all the available providers and their id's. Use the values in the identifier property.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


Installed Resource for The Datatank funneling datasets from the Europeana API (







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