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// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// NKDBarcodeOffscreenView.h
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Created by Jeff LaMarche on Mon May 06 2002.
// �2002 Naked Software. All rights reserved.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// You may use and redistribute this source code without limitation
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import <UIKit/UIGeometry.h>
#import "NKDBarcode.h"
@class NKDBarcodeOffscreenView
@abstract View subclass for rendering the barcode. This view does all of the drawing work for the framework. Barcodes
are drawn here so that we can create a resolution-independent NSImage. Were we to draw directly into an NSImage,
it would use a bitmap at screen resolution and not utilize full resolution when printed on other devices.
This view should not be placed on a view. Although it <i>should</i> work correctly (albeit, dictating its display size),
it is really designed to be used as an offscreen drawing area.
@interface NKDBarcodeOffscreenView : UIView
NKDBarcode *barcode;
volatile BOOL doneRendering;
@method initWithBarcode:
@abstract Intialize the view with an NKDBarcode object.
@param inBarcode The NKDBarcode to draw inside the view. The view will size itself to the bounds rectangle of
the barcode.
@result Initialized view that draws the barcode.
-(id)initWithBarcode:(NKDBarcode *)inBarcode;
@method barcode
@abstract Accessor method for contained NKDBarcode object.
@result The barcode object.
-(NKDBarcode *)barcode;
@method setBarcode
@abstract Specifies an NKDBarcode that should be drawn
-(void)setBarcode:(NKDBarcode *)inBarcode;
@method knowsPageRange:
@abstract Override view behavior so that we can print barcodes in a resolution-dependent manner without creating a separate object.
@param rptr An NSRange that we will populate with the page range to be printed.
@result YES to signify that we know our page range (a barcode will almost always fit on one page).
-(BOOL)knowsPageRange:(NSRange *)rptr;
@method rectForPage:
@abstract Override NSView behavior to specify the part of the view to print for this page.
@discussion We are making the (possibly erroneous) assumption that the barcode will print on a single page, so this
will always return the view's bounds rect.
@result The view's bounds rect, which will be equal to a rectangle of the barcode's size at the origin.
- (UIImage *)imageInsideRect:(CGRect)rect;
- (NSData *)pdfInsideRect:(CGRect)rect;