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// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// NKDUPCEBarcode.h
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Created by Jeff LaMarche on Fri May 24 2002.
// ©2002 Naked Software. All rights reserved.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// You may use and redistribute this source code without limitation
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "NKDUPCABarcode.h"
@header NKDUPCEBarcode.h
This subclass implements the abbreviated form of the UPC symbol, the UPC-E which reduces the 12 characters
of the UPC-A down to 8 (six characters, check digit encoded in parity of other digits). It is a subclass of
NKDUPCABarcode beccause UPC-E does not have it's own check digit algorithm, rather the UPC-A check digit
(calculated on all 12 digits of the original value) and number system are encoded in the parity order of
the other six digits.
@class NKDUPCEBarcode
@abstract UPC-E abbreviated UPC symbology
@discussion This subclass can take one of three possible values - the actual UPC-E barcode (8 digits) value or the
UPC-A barcode, either with or without the check digit. Either way, the code will print out as a UPC-E
barcode. If the content value provided at time of instantiation is an actual UPC-E value, the check-
digit MUST be encoded because UPC-E values do not contain enough information to accurately calculate the
@interface NKDUPCEBarcode : NKDUPCABarcode
@method initWithContent:printsCaption
@abstract Overrides super. If UPC-A information passed, super is called and then the value is truncated according to the
specs. If UPC-E data is provided, content is just stored and we trust the the data is correct.
@param inPrints YES if caption should print.
@result Initialized UPC-E barcode object
-(id)initWithContent: (NSString *)inContent
printsCaption: (BOOL)inPrints;
@method barcode
@abstract Overridden [TO COME]
@result String of 0s and 1s that represent the encoded content, excluding initiator and terminator
-(NSString *)barcode;
@method barBottom:
@abstract [TO COME]
@param index The index of the bar that you want to find the bottom for (assuming origin at lower left) as an index of
@result Bottom of the bar specified in inches * kScreenResolution
@method isContentValid
@abstract Validates that this barcode supports the data it is encoding.
@discussion Enforces numerics only and length of content; does not validate check digit.
-(BOOL) isContentValid;
@method terminator
@abstract Overrides to combine center guard bars and right guard bar into a single value
@result "010101"
-(NSString *)terminator;
@method caption
@abstract Overridden to center characters
@result String representing the encoded characters, formatted to appear correctly when drawn
-(NSString *)caption;
@method UPCAToUPCE
@abstract Takes an NSString with a valid 12-digit UPC-A value and abbreviates it (if possible) to UPC-E's 8 digit encoding
@param UPCA NSString with valid UPC-A content
@result NSString with calculated UPC-E value, or empty string if not possible to truncate.
+(NSString *)UPCAToUPCE:(NSString *)UPCA;
@method parityForDigit:
@abstract returns ODD_PARITY or EVEN_PARITY signalling the correct parity in light of the check digit and number system
@param index Which digit (2-7) we're asking about
@result Parity value of ODD_PARITY or EVEN_PARITY