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Deploy manifests for Netsil AOC
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Netsil Application Operations Center (AOC) is a next-gen observability and analytics tool for modern cloud applications. The Netsil AOC helps SREs and DevOps improve the reliability and performance of API and microservices-driven production applications.

At the heart of the AOC is an auto-discovered service topology map. It visualizes service dependencies and operational metrics so practitioners can work collaboratively across teams.


Installation is done in two parts: Netsil AOC and the Netsil Collectors.

The collectors are installed on your application instances (VMs or containerized environments) and mirror the service interactions & metrics back to Netsil AOC for real-time analysis.

You may install the collectors in a variety of environments, independent of the AOC environment. For instance, you may run the AOC as a standalone docker container, but install the collectors in Kubernetes.


Refer to our documentation site for installation instructions, API definitions, user guides, and more.


For help please join our public slack channel or email

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