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Quick Start Install Documentation!

Full documentation can be found here: Netskope Cloud Exchange


  • Currently, CE is not supported on macOS.
  • Linux System capable of supporting release of docker, and docker-compose
  • Python 3.8.x
  • Zip (For the diagnose script)
  • Minimum Requirements (CE v4.1.0 and v4.2.0):
    • 4 vCPU (only x86 architecture with AVX is supported)
    • 4 GB of Memory
    • 40 GB of storage
  • Minimum Requirements (CE v5.0.0 or Later):
    • 6 vCPU (only x86 architecture with AVX is supported)
    • 8 GB of Memory
    • 40 GB of storage
  • Please see the full documentation for scale numbers.
  • Use latest docker version (
  • Use latest docker-compose version (

Install Procedure for standalone deployment

  1. Clone repository to volume with requisite 20 GB of storage
    a. mkdir netskope
    b. cd netskope
    c. git clone
    Note: To use the beta branch use. git clone -b beta
  2. Execute the setup script:
    a. sudo ./setup
  3. Launch Cloud Exchange 3
    a. sudo ./start
  4. Open Browser to http(s)://<host ip address>

Note: If you want to add your SSL certificate, you can add them to the ta_cloud_exchange/data/ssl_certs directory. The name of the certificate file should be cte_cert.crt and cte_cert_key.key


  1. If you issue sudo ./start and you are presented with a help screen.

  2. If bad gateway is received when you try to login:

    • Check if step 2 was done correctly: ls -lash data
    0 drwxrwxrwx. 2 devuser devuser   22 Apr 27  2023 ca_certs
    0 drwxr--r--. 3 devuser devuser   60 Apr 25  2023 custom_plugins
    0 drwxrwxr-x. 2 999      999      27 Apr 25  2023 database-init
    0 drwxr--r--. 3 999      999      18 May 22 13:18 mongo-data
    0 drwxr--r--. 3 devuser devuser   37 Nov  3 19:10 rabbitmq
    0 drwxrw-rw-. 2 devuser devuser  106 Apr 25  2023 ssl_certs
    • Note the mask on line with custom_plugins - mask should be 775
    • Note ownership of mongo-data - should represent 999:999
    • Note ownership of database-init - should represent 999:999
    • Note ownership of rabbitmq - should represent 1001:1001
  3. If you get SyntaxError: invalid syntax while running sudo ./setup

    • Try to run sudo python3 setup

For more informations, please refer Troubleshooting and FAQs Guide.


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