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  • Fix mausezahn build with GCC 10
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  1. trafgen: reset errno before calling sscanf in str2mac (@troglobit, #213)
  2. ifpps: fix iface stat parsing if interface name contains uppercase characters (@bganne, #215)
  3. mausezahn: fix display of missing argument error (@micrictor, #217)
  4. mausezahn: support -R to set packet priority (@pmachata)
  5. netsniff-ng: handle various malformed packets in protocol dissectors (@nathaniellives, #221)
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  1. implement rotating capture files in netsniff-ng (@wch0x01, #202)
  2. fixed '--in -' to work again with STDIN in trafgen (@yarda, #199)
  3. fixed -t 0 option to use sendto in trafgen (@qchateau, #208)
  4. checksum calculation for ICMP and TCP in astraceroute (@uno20001, #203)
  5. fix for reading mirrors from file in astraceroute (@mandarg, #197)
  6. use GZIP_ENV instead of GZIP in build system (@dr-utx, #207)
  7. fixed manpage warnings (@kartikm, #205)
  8. added error handling for mismatched address families in mausezahn (@mandarg, #166)
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  1. add DCCP support to netsniff-ng (Markus Amend)
  2. fix segfault in mausezahn (#189 by Daniel Roberson)
  3. add date format strings to --out in netsniff-ng (#190 by Daniel Roberson)
  4. restore handling of raw hex string passed in on command line in mausezahn (#191 by Nick Grauel)
  5. support ICMPv6 checksums in trafgen (#193 by Radoslav Bodo)
  6. improve random mac address generation in mausezahn (#194 by Matteo Croce)
  7. man page updates and reformatting (Tobias Klauser)
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  1. DNS header generation in trafgen (Vadim Kochan)

  2. Support for dumping proto headers in trafgen (Vadim Kochan)

  3. Fixes for dinc()/ddec() to properly respect min/max range and avoid counter corruption (Paolo Abeni)

  4. Fixes for NULL pointer dereferences and resource leaks in trafgen (Tobias Klauser) and mausezahn (Jia Zhouyang)

  5. Build fixes for various compiler versions, libc implementations and distributions (Baruch Siach, Jaroslav Škarvada, Tobias Klauser)

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  1. Allow to specify packet offsets in trafgen packet header functions. By Vadim Kochan.

  2. Allow trafgen to send packets from pcap file. By Vadim Kochan.

  3. Support trafgen interface without IP address in packet header functions. By Ken Wu.

  4. Various other improvements and cleanups in the packet header functions of trafgen. By Vadim Kochan.

  5. Tab based user interface for flowtop. Introduced a tab for flow statistics per PID. By Vadim Kochan.

  6. Fixed buffer overflow in device_addr2str() causing Linux cooked header dissector to crash. Reported by @jamieparfet, fixed by Tobias Klauser.

  7. Fixed build due to missing GENL_ID_GENERATE if compiling against kernel headers >= 4.10 (see issue #171). Reported by Jaroslav Škarvada (@yarda), fixed by Tobias Klauser.

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  1. Many improvements to the trafgen protocol generation functions, e.g. the ability to increment/randomize protocol fields at runtime using dinc()/rnd(), new functions to generate IPv6, ICMPv4/v6, PFC, and IEEE 802.3X PAUSE headers. From Vadim Kochan and Tobias Klauser.
  2. flowtop UI improvements. From Vadim Kochan.
  3. Packet counting fixes, e.g. to not account for duplicate packets received over the loopüback interface. From Paolo Abeni.
  4. Allow IPv6 ranges to be specified for source and dest addresses in mausezahn. From Tommy Beadle.
  5. Build system improvements, allowing to specify more options to the configure script. See './configure --help' for details. From Vadim Kochan and Tobias Klauser.
  6. Various compilation fixes, e.g. for warnings or build failure certain systems. From Yousong Zhou and arch3y.
  7. Various documentation improvements and fixes. From Vadim Kochan, Hisao Tanabe, and Tobias Klauser.
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  1. Newly added trafgen configuration language which allows to specify the packets in a more convenient format. See trafgen(8) for more details on the supported protocols and keywords. Contributed by Vadim Kochan.
  2. Additional runtime commands for flowtop which allow to toggle/filter display of flows. From Vadim Kochan.
  3. Command line options to pass macro definitions to trafgen and bpfc. From Vadim Kochan.
  4. Made the build of all netsniff-ng tools reproducible (stable link order). From Reiner Herrmann.
  5. Fix download of GeoIP databases so the files don't get corrupted. From Tobias Klauser.
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  1. New features and fixes in flowtop: Display flow rates, options to disable DNS and GeoIP lookup, stability improvements, and bug fixes. From Vadim Kochan.
  2. Support for Linux "cooked" header for netlink interface in netsniff-ng. From Vadim Kochan and Daniel Borkmann.
  3. Extended the netlink message dissector to display a lot of additional information. From Vadim Kochan.
  4. Helper functions for TCP/UDP checksums in IPv6 trafgen packets and performance improvement in trafgen when using checksums without dynamic data. From Tobias Klauser.
  5. Various fixes, improvements, cleanups and documentation updates. From Vadim Kochan, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice, Martin Hauke, Kartik Mistry, Daniel Borkmann and Tobias Klauser.
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  1. Build system rework to support cross-compiling. From Tobias Klauser.
  2. Support pcap file rotation on SIGHUP (issue #140). From Tobias Klauser.
  3. Dissector improvements for the netlink message and the mac80211 dissectors. From Vadim Kochan.
  4. Various bug fixes, improvements and documentation updates to make netsniff-ng ready for release. From Daniel Borkmann, Vadim Kochan and Tobias Klauser.