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Binary Golf Examples and Resources
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Hey there! I made this repo to track source files for binary golf.

What is binary golf?

To put it simply, it's creating the smallest possible binary that still does something. There have been numerous patterns in the past to create things like this (see: demoscene), but many of these examples only run on older systems. My intention was to explore some of the code patterns and tricks that are necessary to make impossibly tiny binaries work on modern systems.

The examples contained in this first iteration are ELF64 files, meant to run on 64 bit Linux systems. They will be expanded on and sorted by processor arch and operating system in the future.

What is the goal?

I'm hoping that these files will inspire others to create very tiny versions of things on all types of modern systems, and play with their target platform in order to do more with less.

How can I contribute?

Play around with some of the examples, and write your own! See what you can do with a few bytes and build your way up. I'm looking to do some streams on developing these sorts of things and how to make them useful, as well as more write ups on specific techniques and errata.

If you have any questions or comments, hit me up on twitter - @netspooky

PRs are welcome!

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