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Linux Local Privesc Helper and Agent
Python Shell
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GTFOPlus is a helper script that relies on the GTFOBins repo to identify standard Linux binaries that could assist with privilege escalation.

Deploy a script to enumerate these binaries on your target machine.

Example Usage:

python3 -b awk -l shell          | Spawning a shell with awk
python3 -b awk -l all            | Show all GTFO capabilities of awk
python3 -b awk -l all --verbose  | Increase verbosity + ascii art

Using the agent script:

./ > gtf.out                      | Run this on target machine.
python3 -f gtf.out -l all        | Show all capabilities for all 
                                         | binaries gathered from


In the same directory as that you cloned this repo, clone the GTFOBins Repo.

git clone
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt




  • Make gtf.out parser better. (Add parser for groups, perms, ownership etc.)
  • Pull GTFO bin capabilities from the repo as well.
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