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jLoot - JIRA Secure Attachment Looter

jLoot is a tool that can be used to enumerate attachments to JIRA tickets.

When files are attached to issues in JIRA, they are given a sequential number and stored. While there are access controls on most installations, if a JIRA was meant to be public, or if it was misconfigured by the organization, the files are easily iterable.

jLoot simplifies the iteration process by checking if a file exists at a given ID number, and downloading it.

jLoot comes with a basic set of yara rules to check incoming files for sensitive words. If a rule matches, it will appear highlighted in red next to the file name. You can use the -y flag to specify your own yara rules, or edit jLoot.yar

If a file matches a yara rule, it has the word "CHECK_" appended to the beginning of the filename for easy recall of sensitive files.

Command Line Options

The following command line options are supported:

 -u baseURL     The base url of the JIRA instance
 -s start_id    The starting attachment ID (attachments start at 10000)
 -l limit       The limit for file downloads
 -o out_dir     The output directory (default is loot/)
 -y yara_rules  Specify custom yara rules


If you don't have yara installed, you can use this guide to install it. Install yara for python using python3 -m pip install yara-python

If you get an error about yara not being able to find libyara, run these commands:

sudo sh -c 'echo "/usr/local/lib" >> /etc/'
sudo ldconfig

How do I not let this be a thing?

JIRA is meant to be public, and as such, has default weak configurations that allow for anyone to access public aspects of your boards. There are a few mitigations you can implement:

  • Server Side Rate-Limiting
  • Firewall Rules
  • Granular File Permissions on JIRA
  • Require Authentication to JIRA

Here are some links for reference:


Big shoutout to hermit for finding the initial dorks that led to this tool. Shoutout to ThugCrowd and all the Safari Zone Game Wardens.


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