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@dg dg released this Jan 31, 2015 · 397 commits to master since this release

  • all presenters are created by Dependency Injection container
  • added LinkGenerator
  • Presenter: changed handling of invalid link, they triggers warnings on production and are configurable on development via 'silentLinks'
  • Routing: speed optimization & caching
  • added bridges for Nette DI
  • added Request::getParameter(), deprecated Request::isPost()

BC breaks:

  • routes and presenter names are case sensitive. Nette will warn you if you use the wrong case in presenter name. But due to performance limitation it is not checking Route mask - you should check them manually. Correct is <presenter=UpperCasedDefaultValue> and <presenter url-cased-regexp-mask>.
  • Route::addStyle() & Route::setStyleProperty() are deprecated and now will trigger E_USER_DEPRECATED
  • removed support for deprecated Nette\Templating, template extension .phtml and old link syntax
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