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@dg dg released this Jan 31, 2015 · 269 commits to master since this release

  • throws own exceptions:
    • DriverException, ConnectionException
    • ConstraintViolationException, ForeignKeyConstraintViolationException, NotNullConstraintViolationException and UniqueConstraintViolationException
  • added support for += and -= in UPDATE statement
  • added support for operators in WHERE & AND
  • implemented ?and ?or ?set ?values ?order ?name
  • added support for '.' in column names
  • forbidden syntax 'sql', 'sql', ..., i.e. after every SQL string must be at least one parameter
  • SqlLiteral is parsed using SqlPreprocessor
  • table and column names in joins can begin with number or underscore
  • classes *Reflection split into with *Conventions & Structure
  • added IRowContainer::fetchAssoc(), ISupplementalDriver::convertException() (BC break)
  • PgSqlDriver: fixed formatLike() #46
  • MySqlDriver by default uses utf8mb4 encoding for MySQL >= 5.5.3 instead of utf8 (possible problem)
  • Connection: undeprecated some methods
  • DatabaseExtension: added alias 'database.x.connection' for 'database.x'
  • to ensure that new SQL translator do the same job as older one, you can install special tool named CompatibilityChecker22
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