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@dg dg released this Jan 31, 2015 · 467 commits to master since this release

  • parameters auto-resolution for generated factories
  • service aliases
  • removed ServiceDefinition & Statement magic methods (makes it 3Γ— faster)
  • added DecoratorExtension, DIExtension and InjectExtension
  • added CompilerExtension::validateConfig()
  • ExtensionsExtension: allows to pass params
  • dynamic services
  • chained syntax Class::method()::method()::method()
  • removed dependency on nette/reflection
  • ContainerFactory replaced with light ContainerLoader
  • ContainerBuilder: implement escaping of '@' at the beginning of string
  • Compiler: added addConfig() & loadConfig(), compile() returns ClassType[]

BC breaks:

  • Container & ContainerBuilder::findByType() returns all services, including non-autowired
  • class names are case sensitive
  • removed support for placing services inside extension section in configuration file
  • removed support for dynamically added extensions
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