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Game Fifteen (Nette Framework example)

A simple example showing components as the reusable stand-alone units existing inside the presenter. We can put two components alongside and each of them will be working stand-alone. The communication between components and presenter is arranged by events (event-driven model).

What is Nette Framework?

Nette Framework is a popular tool for PHP web development. It is designed to be the most usable and friendliest as possible. It focuses on security and performance and is definitely one of the safest PHP frameworks.

Nette Framework speaks your language and helps you to easily build better websites.


The best way to install Nette Framework is to download latest package from or using Composer:

curl -s | php
php composer.phar update

Then navigate your browser to the www directory. PHP 5.4 allows you run php -S localhost:8888 -t www to start the webserver and then visit http://localhost:8888 in your browser.

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