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@dg dg released this Jan 31, 2015 · 330 commits to master since this release

  • fixed some limitations of netteForms.js
  • TextBase: input is not silently truncated to max-length
  • TextBase::addFilter() is processed during validation, added Rules::addFilter()
  • now you can add filters to conditions $input->addCondition(...)->addFilter(...)
  • to Container::onValidate callbacks are passed values via second parameter
  • added bridge for Nette DI
  • internal filtering methods like Nette\Forms\Controls\TextBase::filterFloat was removed
  • internal validation methods like Nette\Forms\Controls\TextBase::validateFloat was moved to Nette\Forms\Validator, as well as Rules::$defaultMessages
  • Buttons and Hidden fields are generated without HTML ID. Relying on autogenerated ID is very bad, if you want ID, set it via setHtmlId()
  • RadioList items are generated without ID too. You can enable it via $radioList->generateId = TRUE. But again: set you base ID via setHtmlId()
  • DefaultFormRenderer adds classes to inputs & label only during rendering process (BC break)
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