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Default presenter names inconsistency #66

ondrejmirtes opened this Issue Jun 25, 2010 · 2 comments

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Default presenter in tools/Skeleton is named HomepagePresenter, but in Application.php on line 120, there is setup of default router in case no routers are defined in bootstrap. And the name of the presenter in the default router is Default, which is inconsistent to the referral and recommended name in Skeleton.

jantichy commented Aug 6, 2010

Hi, in my opinion the "Homepage" name for the default presenter is weird, because the homepage is usually only once on the web X i can have multiple modules, each with its default presenter. So IMHO much better solution is to rename HomepagePresenter to DefaultPresenter in Skeleton.

Nette Foundation member
dg commented Nov 10, 2010


This issue was closed.
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