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"name": "nette/type-fixer",
"description": "πŸ†™ A tool to automatically update your code.",
"description": "πŸ†™ A tool to automatically update type hints in your PHP code.",
"type": "project",
"keywords": ["nette", "php 7", "type hints"],
"license": ["BSD-3-Clause"],
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Nette TypeFixer πŸ†™

[![Downloads this Month](](
[![Build Status](](
[![Latest Stable Version](](


A tool to automatically update type hints in your PHP code.

If you like Nette, **[please make a donation now](**. Thank you!


typefixer [options] <directory>
-i | --ignore <mask> Directories to ignore
-f | --fix Fixes files


typefixer --fix /myproject


It requires PHP version 7.1 and supports PHP up to 7.3.

Install it via Composer. This project is not meant to be run as a dependency, so install it as standalone:

composer create-project nette/type-fixer

Or install it globally via:

composer global require nette/type-fixer

and make sure your global vendor binaries directory is in [your `$PATH` environment variable](
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echo '
Nette Type Fixer v0.1
Nette Type Fixer v0.3

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