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@dg dg released this Feb 20, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

  • requires PHP 7.1
  • uses declare(strict_types=1)
  • uses PHP 7.1 scalar and return type hints
  • Object, ObjectMixin: silently marked as deprecated
  • added PhpStorm metadata for autocompletion


  • Strings::before(), after(), indexOf() and pos() return NULL instead of FALSE if the needle was not found
  • Arrays::searchKey() returns NULL instead of FALSE when item is not found
  • Image::save() and send() throws ImageException on failure (BC break)
  • Validators::assertField: first argument has type hint array
  • Callback::toReflection() removed support for Nette\Reflection
  • some classes & members marked as final
  • ITranslator: allow multiple parameters for translated messages (#178)
  • deprecated ObjectMixin::getSuggestion()
  • MemberAccessException extends from Error (BC break)
  • removed StaticClassException, StaticClass throws Error
  • Image::save() $file cannot be null, added output()
  • DateTime: removed setTimestamp() and getTimestamp(), big int are supported in x64 PHP versions
  • Strings::findPrefix accepts only string[] (BC break)
  • Removed Nette\Object & ObjectMixin (BC break)
  • Callback::invoke() and invokeArgs() are deprecated in favor of native invocation
  • Callback: deprecated closure()
  • Validators::everyIs: first argument has typehint iterable (BC break)
  • Strings::normalize() a compare() dependency on Normalizer is optional
  • Strings::normalize() a compare() normalize strings into UTF-8 NFC (#150)
  • Filesystem::write() accept NULL in $mode parameter (#139)
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