.netTiers generated architecture is custom to your domain, uses familiar patterns, and follows the guidance of Microsoft's recommended patterns and practices.
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jeremeguenther and niemyjski Formatting and null object error (#462)
* Formatting and null object error

A couple of formatting change.
Also, in the new custom exception is a null object bug that has been fixed.

* Formatting, fixes, and features

- Bring some files formatting in line with the Microsoft Visual studio standard.
- fix some names
- Add single column table/view handling to the Utility file
- Add viewcolumns meta data to the EntityViewBase file
- Modify IsPropertyChanged to throw descriptive exception
- Modify NetTiers.cst to handle relative core directory paths.
Latest commit cf0199b Jul 30, 2018



.netTiers is a library of open source CodeSmith Generator templates written in C#. The intention of the templates are to assist developers with the intention of eliminating repetative mundane coding, and at the same time, provide a full fledged framework that allows you to get started working on what matters the most to you in your applications. For example, focusing your efforts with the presentation layer, business rules, workflow, and application health for your application to become a success. Consider .netTiers an application block, only specialized to your domain model, and the growth from within the product will more likely be vertically more than horizontally. Meaning, future versions will be focusing on providing more things out of the box which will assist you in your everyday development tasks.

The templates effectively build a set of object-relational domain objects for an existing database based off of Model Driven Design (MDD). MDD essentially is the concept where a predesigned model is used to generate your application. MDD was made famouis by many UML modelers, such as Rational Rose, etc. However, with the advent of CodeSmith's rich set meta-data via it's SchemaExplorer, MDD has been particularly easy to adopt for .netTiers through the familiar data model. It's .netTiers responsibility to have the ability to take a good database design and yield a wonderful generated domain for your codebase. Since the majority of business applications revolve around data, .netTiers offers up the ability to work with your data in the easiest way possible as soon as possible.


You may download a checked version of .netTiers by clicking on the releases tab above or cloning the repository.


All documentation for .netTiers can be found here. If the documentation is out dated please update the wiki or create an issue and we will see that it is updated.

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