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Nettigo Air Monitor Firmware

NAMF is a firmware for Nettigo Air Monitor Sensor - a modular platform for measuring air quality. Hardware is OSHWA Certified with UID PL000001.

NAM Sensor features WiFi connectivity provided by ESP8266 (and ESP32 in future). It's build around Nova Fitness SDS011 PM sensor. Device has a build-in PTC heater with control circuitry for air conditioning in a high humidity environment (to avoid counting water vapor as dust).


The code base has roots in firmware. We aim to rewrite the code to make it modular, easier to modify and extend in future.

Detailed changelog is in Versions.

To build this project You need Platformio installed with python 3.

Firmware web interface

  • / - main menu
  • Data related:
    • /values - current measured values (page always available)
    • /status - sensor status and debug info
    • /data.json - measured values in JSON format (this is snapshot of last data set sent to APIs not current values as shown on /values page)
    • /metrics - measured values in Prometheus format
  • Configuration related:
    • /config - configuration
    • /simple_config - interface for new scheduler subsystems configuration
    • /removeConfig - remove configuration files
    • /config.json - current configure file in JSON format
    • /configSave.json - form for pasting configuration file
    • /forceUpdate - form for changing update server or link to other binary file
    • /wifi - list of wifi networks (active only in AP mode)
  • /stack_dump - show stack dump from last exception with timestamp, FW version, language and MD5 sum of image
  • /reset - sensor reboot
  • /ota - enable OTA firmware update for 60 seconds. Will work only if admin password is set and enabled
  • /debug?lvl=x - sets debug serial messages info level to x:
    • 0 - no debug
    • 1 - errors
    • 2 - errors & warnings
    • 3 - errors, warnings & min. info
    • 4 - errors, warnings, min. info & med. info
    • 5 - all debug messages
  • /images - serving images - used for the NAM logo

For developers and interested in

In Details You can find a bit more info about NAMF internals.