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Supporting materials for "Making Musical Apps" by Peter Brinkmann
Useful links
* libpd at GitHub:
* libpd community site: (still under construction)
* Get the ebook:
* Get a printed copy:
* Author's blog:
* Author's twitter feed:
* MIDI over Bluetooth for Android:
Sample patches
The patches directory contains some sample patches from Chapter 2 of the
Sample projects
The sample projects for Android and iOS are set up with the assumption
that this repository has been cloned into the same parent directory as
pd-for-android and pd-for-ios. For example, you can clone them all into
your Documents directory.
When importing the sample project for Android into Eclipse, make sure to
select "Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace". If you
see spurious errors, have Eclipse clean and rebuilt your workspace.
RjDj scenes
The scenes directory contains sample RjDj scenes, used with generous
permission from Frank Barknecht and Roman Haefeli.
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