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Netty project - an event-driven asynchronous network application framework
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Add support for RFC2385 on Linux


There are protocols (BGP, SXP), which are typically deployed with TCP
MD5 authentication to protect sessions from being hijacked/torn down by
third parties. This facility is not available on most operating systems,
but is typically present on Linux.


- add a new EpollChannelOption, which is write-only
- teach Epoll(Server)SocketChannel to track which addresses have keys
- teach Native how to set the MD5 signature keys for a socket


Users of the native-epoll transport can set MD5 signature keys and thus
leverage RFC-2385 protection on TCP connections.
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all [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
buffer Added debug logging with effective value for io.netty.leakDetection.a…
codec-dns Provide more control over DnsNameResolver.query() / Add NameResolver.…
codec-haproxy Add ProtocolDetectionResult and use it in HAProxyMessageDecoder for a…
codec-http [#2677] Remove unnessary synchronized in SpdySessionHandler
codec-http2 HTTP/2 InboundHttp2ToHttpAdapterTest serverChannel NPE
codec-memcache Fix a buffer leak in BinaryMemcacheEncoderTest
codec-mqtt Fix code styles on MQTT codec classes
codec-socks [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
codec-stomp HttpObjectAggregator doesn't check content-length header
codec-xml [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
codec [#4087] Correctly forward bytes when remove codec and handle channelI…
common Additional configuration for leak detection
example Refactor of HttpUtil and HttpHeaderUtil
handler-proxy ByteString introduced as AsciiString super class
handler Revert "Consistent naming style for enum"
license Let PoolThreadCache work even if allocation and deallocation Thread a…
microbench Headers Performance Boost and Interface Simplification
resolver-dns Fix unintended timeout in negative DNS lookup cache test
resolver Provide more control over DnsNameResolver.query() / Add NameResolver.…
tarball [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
testsuite-osgi Add a property to disable osgi testsuite run
testsuite Allow to create SslContext from existing PrivateKey / X509Certificate
transport-native-epoll Add support for RFC2385 on Linux
transport-rxtx maxBytesPerRead channel configuration
transport-sctp OioSctpChannel iterating over selected keys
transport-udt a48e5c7 merge build failure
transport LocalChannel unused import
.fbprefs Updated Find Bugs configuration
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.travis.yml Travis CI branch whitelisting Move the pull request guide to the developer guide
LICENSE.txt Relicensed to Apache License v2
NOTICE.txt Let PoolThreadCache work even if allocation and deallocation Thread a… Add a link to the 'native transports' page
pom.xml Build fails with java 1.8_u60 Add HTTP/2 Netty tiles example

Netty Project

Netty is an asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers & clients.


How to build

For the detailed information about building and developing Netty, please visit the developer guide. This page only gives very basic information.

You require the following to build Netty:

Note that this is build-time requirement. JDK 5 (for 3.x) or 6 (for 4.0+) is enough to run your Netty-based application.

Branches to look

The 'master' branch is where the development of the latest major version lives on. The development of all other versions takes place in each branch whose name is identical to <majorVersion>.<minorVersion>. For example, the development of 3.9 and 4.0 resides in the branch '3.9' and the branch '4.0' respectively.

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