Add support for UDP Multicast #216

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thank you for considering this

@normanmaurer normanmaurer was assigned Apr 2, 2012
@normanmaurer normanmaurer added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 2, 2012
@normanmaurer normanmaurer Add support for UDP multicast in NIO. See #216
Add some javadocs. See #216

Use the correct key to lookup MembershipKey. See #216
@normanmaurer normanmaurer added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 2, 2012
@normanmaurer normanmaurer Finish support of NIO UDP multicast. This also change the methods to
return a ChannelFuture. See #216
@normanmaurer normanmaurer reopened this Apr 2, 2012

Now complete!


wow! I can't believe this :-)

where can I take a look? do you have an example? link please?



Checkout the unit test for it:

BTW, its only in master branch which is still a fast moving target and needs java7.


got it; will do and confirm; thank you.



I would like to start using netty 4 (thanks to your support for java 7 multicast);

can you please share:

  1. how usable is current netty 4 alpha snapshot is?
  2. do you know of people using netty 4 alpha snapshot in production-like environments?




Hi Andrei,

the problem with netty 4.0.0 is that we will break a lot of the API. We are currently in the progress to redesign the API (see the next-api branch). So I think I would not use it atm.

I'm currently wonder if we should include the multicast UDP support for NIO in 3.5.0.


UDP support for NIO is primary motivation for me to go for netty 4;

please let me know if this is feasible in netty 3.5

@normanmaurer normanmaurer reopened this May 10, 2012

@carrot-garden could you try to use the 3.5.0-SNAPSHOT which has now support for NIO UDP Multicast:

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