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Revamp DNS codec


There are various known issues in netty-codec-dns:

- Message types are not interfaces, which can make it difficult for a
  user to implement his/her own message implementation.
- Some class names and field names do not match with the terms in the
- The support for decoding a DNS record was limited. A user had to
  encode and decode by him/herself.
- The separation of DnsHeader from DnsMessage was unnecessary, although
  it is fine conceptually.
- Buffer leak caused by DnsMessage was difficult to analyze, because the
  leak detector tracks down the underlying ByteBuf rather than the
  DnsMessage itself.
- DnsMessage assumes DNS-over-UDP.
- To send an EDNS message, a user have to create a new DNS record class
  instance unnecessarily.


- Make all message types interfaces and add default implementations
- Rename some classes, properties, and constants to match the RFCs
  - DnsResource -> DnsRecord
  - DnsType -> DnsRecordType
  - and many more
- Remove DnsClass and use an integer to support EDNS better
- Add DnsRecordEncoder/DnsRecordDecoder and their default
  - DnsRecord does not require RDATA to be ByteBuf anymore.
  - Add DnsRawRecord as the catch-all record type
- Merge DnsHeader into DnsMessage
- Make ResourceLeakDetector track AbstractDnsMessage
- Remove DnsMessage.sender/recipient properties
  - Wrap DnsMessage with AddressedEnvelope
  - Add DatagramDnsQuest and DatagramDnsResponse for ease of use
  - Rename DnsQueryEncoder to DatagramDnsQueryEncoder
  - Rename DnsResponseDecoder to DatagramDnsResponseDecoder
- Miscellaneous changes
  - Add StringUtil.TAB


- Cleaner APi
- Can support DNS-over-TCP more easily in the future
- Reduced memory footprint in the default DnsQuery/Response
- Better leak tracking for DnsMessages
- Possibility to introduce new DnsRecord types in the future and provide
  full record encoder/decoder implementation.
- No unnecessary instantiation for an EDNS pseudo resource record
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