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Netvote API

Build Status

Version: 1.0.6

License: GPL 3.0

Click here for our Swagger UI

Admin SDK

Voter Client SDK

Rest API

NPM Package

npm install @netvote/netvote-api-sdk

Admin SDK

Note: Admin SDK is meant for server-deployment only. Do not place ID or Secret in the browser

Initialize Admin Client

const netvoteApis = require("@netvote/netvote-api-sdk")

const nv = netvoteApis.initAdminClient(

Create Election

let metadata = await nv.SaveToIPFS({
	"type": "basic",
	"ballotTitle": "2020 Election",
	"ballotLocation": "NYC",
	"ballotDate": "",
	"ballotImage": "",
	"featuredImage": "",
	"ballotInformation": "Some information",
	"ballotGroups": [{
		"groupTitle": "Decision Types",
		"ballotSections": [{
			"type": "multiple",
			"maxSelect": 2,
			"minSelect": 1,
			"sectionTitle": "Governor",
			"sectionTitleNote": "Choose 1 or 2 choices",
			"ballotItems": [{
				"itemTitle": "John Smith",
				"itemDescription": "Democratic Party"
			}, {
				"itemTitle": "Sally Gutierrez",
				"itemDescription": "Republican Party (incumbent)"
			}, {
				"itemTitle": "Tyrone Williams",
				"itemDescription": "Independent"
		}, {
			"type": "single",
			"sectionTitle": "Proposition 33",
			"sectionTitleNote": "Do you support Proposition 33?",
			"ballotItems": [{
				"itemTitle": "Yes"
			}, {
				"itemTitle": "No"
		}, {
			"type": "ranked",
			"sectionTitle": "Favorite Color",
			"sectionTitleNote": "Choose your favorite color (1 is highest)",
			"ballotItems": [{
				"itemTitle": "Red"
			}, {
				"itemTitle": "Green"
			}, {
				"itemTitle": "Blue"
		}, {
			"type": "points",
			"totalPoints": 9,
			"sectionTitle": "Tax Commissioner",
			"sectionTitleNote": "Allocate Points",
			"ballotItems": [{
				"itemTitle": "Doug Hall",
				"itemDescription": "(incumbent)"
			}, {
				"itemTitle": "Emily Washington"

let job = await nv.CreateElection({
    autoActivate: false,
    continuousReveal: false,
    metadataLocation: metadata.hash,
    requireProof: true,
    allowUpdates: true,
    netvoteKeyAuth: true,
    network: "netvote"

let finished = await nv.PollJob(job.jobId, 60000);

let electionId = finished.txResult.electionId;

Create a Voter Key

// example logic for base64(sha256(key)) 
const sha256Hash = (str) => {
    let hash = crypto.createHash("sha256")
    return hash.digest().toString("base64");

// hash key
let voterKey = "secretKey"
let hashedKey = sha256Hash(voterKey)

let res = await nv.AddVoterKeys(electionId, {hashedKeys: [hashedKey]});

console.log(res.count) // 1 

Activate / Resume Election

await nv.ActivateElection(electionId);

Stop Election

await nv.StopElection(electionId);

Close Election (Permanent)

await nv.CloseElection(electionId);

Client SDK

This can be initialized in a browser using a stack like Browserify

Initialize Voter/Public Client

const netvoteApis = require("@netvote/netvote-api-sdk")

const publicNv = netvoteApis.initVoterClient(

Get Anonymous Voter Auth Token

// voterToken distributed via string
let tokenReponse = await publicNv.GetJwtToken(electionId, voterKey)
let token = tokenResponse.token;

Get Anonymous Voter Auth Token QR

// voterToken distributed via string or QR
let tokenReponse = await publicNv.GetJwtTokenQR(electionId, voterKey)

// token qr is data URL object with {electionId: electionId, token: jwtToken}
document.getElementById("yourimage").src = tokenReponse.qr;

Cast Vote

let voteObject = {
    ballotVotes: [
            choices: [
                    indexSelections: {
                        indexes: [0, 1]     // select first and second choice
                    selection: 1            // select the second choice
                    pointsAllocations: {
                        points: [2,1,3]     // index is choice, value is rank (1 is highest)
                    pointsAllocations: {
                        points: [3,6]       // these are points, more is higher
let job = await publicNv.CastSignedVote(electionId, token, voteObject)

// poll for 60 seconds
let res = await publicNv.PollJob(job.jobId, 60000);

if(res.txStatus === "complete"){
    // everything is good
} else {
    // an error occured, or vote is a duplicate



There are two required headers:

x-api-key: APIKEY
Authorization: Basic base64(ID:SECRET)

For example, for values APKEY=abc123, ID=testid, and SECRET=testsecret, the headers are:

x-api-key: abc123
Authorization: Basic dGVzdGlkOnRlc3RzZWNyZXQK


Click here for our Swagger UI

Endpoint Method Auth? Description
/admin/election POST Yes Create a new election and deploy as a smart contract
/admin/election/{id}/status POST Yes This will transition the election to the specified state.
/admin/election/{id}/jwt POST Yes Set public JWT Key for voter authentication
/admin/election/{id}/keys POST Yes If count is populated, will generate and return those keys. Otherwise, will upload base64-encoded sha256 keys found in the hashedKeys array.
/admin/job/{id} GET Yes Only the admin who created the job may retrieve job status
/admin/election/{id}/votes GET Yes Returns each unique vote (updates are separate entries)
/public/election/{id} GET No Anyone may retrieve basic election information
/public/election/{id}/results GET No Starts an asynchronous Tally execution
/public/job/{id} GET No Retrieves status or result of a Vote or Tally async Job
/voter/election/{id}/auth/{format} POST Yes If format is QR, will additionally return JWT inside of a data-type URL for HTML display
/voter/election/{id}/vote POST Yes Casts a vote
/ipfs POST Yes Save an object to IPFS
/ipfs/{hash} GET Yes Get an object from IPFS