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mnm is not mail

The mnm project is building a legitimate replacement for email: a client (see below), a server, and a simple protocol between them.

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Download the mnm client app


09 March 2021 - the online demo is released. It has been tested on Chrome & Firefox.

03 January 2021 - v0.9 is released. It fixes a panic and a few flaws, but is otherwise identical to v0.8.

15 November 2020 - v0.8 is released for Windows 7+ & MacOS & Linux. Its UI has been tested on Chrome & Firefox.
New: Markdown reference panel, "Todo" tag on new threads, menu of filled-form tables, and dozens of other enhancements and fixes.

20 April 2020 - v0.7 is released for Windows 7+ & MacOS & Linux. It has been tested with Chrome & Firefox.
New: slide deck layouts, replication to multiple PCs, simplified startup.

20 October 2019 - v0.6 is released for Windows 7+ & MacOS & Linux. It has been tested with Chrome & Firefox.
New: search, message tags, file viewer, UI colors, logo, and more. Fixes many UI flaws.

29 May 2019 - v0.5 is released. It fixes a panic on Windows, but is otherwise identical to v0.4.

25 May 2019 - v0.4 is released. It has been tested on Windows 7 & MacOS & Linux, with Firefox.
New: Windows support. Fixes a crash-recovery failure, and a TMTP handling error.

13 May 2019 - v0.3 is released. It has been tested on Linux & MacOS, with Firefox.
New: tooltips on menu icons. Fixes a panic, and a handful of UI flaws.

07 May 2019 - v0.2 is released. It has been tested on Linux & MacOS, with Firefox.
New: a tour with cartoons covering essential features.

19 April 2019 - v0.1 is released. It has been tested on Linux & MacOS, with Firefox.

Version Numbering

Production releases: 1+ . 0 . 0+

Preview releases: pp . 1+ . pp (first & last from prior production release)

The second number is only used for previews. Most (hopefully all) preview features & changes appear in the following production release.

Build & Package

Requires Go 1.13.3+

a) go get
b) cd $GOPATH/src/ # project directory can be moved out of $GOPATH
c) ./ # download browser modules
d) Edit kVersionDate in main.go
e) ./ # make release downloads for all platforms

Building for Windows requires patches to the Go source (which do not affect other programs):
go-winfsd.patch fixes #32088
go-winstat.patch fixes #9611
Apply patches with: cp go*.patch /.../go && (cd /.../go && git apply go*.patch)


An automated test sequence is defined in test-in.json. It creates accounts Blue and Gold, which then exchange messages. It yields occasional false positives due to loose synchronization between the two accounts. After a test pass completes, the app provides http on port 8123 (unless --http is given):
./mnm-hammer --test server:port # server:port is a TMTP service
To access a previous test pass:
(cd test-run/TPD/ && ../../mnm-hammer --http :8123) # TPD is a directory name

If the TMTP site at server:port is not configured for optional third party authentication, the test sequence will produce an expect/got message from "local1 local" re "cs" (which can be ignored). The test sequence cannot run against a TMTP site that requires third party authentication.

Crash testing
a) ./mnm-hammer --test server:port --crash init # make test directory
b) ./mnm-hammer --test server:port --crash dir:service:order:op[:sender:order] # crash here in test sequence
c) ./mnm-hammer --test server:port --verify dir:service:order:count # recover and verify result

./ server:port [ item_index ] # collection of crash/verify runs in single directory

Code Coverage

a) go test -c -covermode=count -coverpkg ./...
b) go build
c) ./mnm-hammer.test --test localhost:443 -test.coverprofile mnm-hammer.cov
. . . # this test pass directory is TPD below
d) go tool cover -html=test-run/TPD/mnm-hammer.cov -o web/coverage.html
e) (cd test-run/TPD/ && ../../mnm-hammer --http :8123)
f) Open a browser tab, go to localhost:8123/w/coverage.html


Demo Files

To generate the demo files:
a) cp web/{gui.vue,service-demo.html}
b) cp web/docs{,-demo}.html
c) git apply web/*demo.patch

To recreate the web/...-demo.patch files after changing the demo files:
a) git diff --no-index web/gui.vue web/service-demo.html > web/service-demo.patch
b) git diff --no-index web/docs.html web/docs-demo.html > web/docs-demo.patch
c) Edit the patches to use a/web/...-demo.html as the origin path.

To create a JSON object for use in web/data-demo.js from an mnm client instance:
a) Edit web/gui.vue to insert <script src="/w/demodata.js"></script> after all other <head> scripts.
b) Quit and restart the app, then Shift-Reload the page at http://localhost:8123.
c) Invoke http://localhost:8123/#demodata and wait while it steps through each account.
d) Open the web console and copy the JSON result.


Copyright 2018, 2020 Liam Breck
Published at

This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at