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+Copyright 2010 by Liam Breck, Menlo Park, California
A reliable message queue service for websocket-connected clients.
The initial goal is to enable messaging among Node.js instances on the public net.
+Clients' connections are assumed to be potentially unreliable.
As with email, each message is posted with a list of recipients. We don't track subscriptions.
On disk, messages are stored in separate files, within transient directories for each recipient.
+ mqserver.js - the server app. Creates an mqstore/ directory in the working directory.
+ mqclient.js - the client module.
+ mqtest.js - test client. Creates 10 clients which connect/send/disconnect.
+ websocket-server - patched module from
+ websocket-client - patched module from
+ Node.js 0.2.x
Message format
f0f {"op":"type" ...}data
1-4 hex digits, padded with 0-3 spaces, giving the size of the JSON metadata object
JSON metadata
- arbitrary size data
+ arbitrary size text data
Message op types
To server: register, login, post, ack
To client: info, quit, deliver, ack
- Node.js 0.2.x
- Bundled:
- node-websocket-server
- Node- & browser-compatible client library
+ Implement user registration with email confirmation
+ Validate login against user database
+ Browser-compatible client library
Email gateway with SMTP client and LMTP server
Modulize to enable access via socket.IO, etc

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