Ansible modules for Cisco ASA using the REST API
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Repo containing Ansible modules for Cisco ASA using the REST API which appeared in ASA 9.3.

Over at Networklore there's more information about the Ansible modules for Cisco ASA.

Alpha code

Currently this is only a test and there's a good chance that a lot of the code will change.


These modules requires:

  • rasa 0.0.5 or later
  • An ASA firewall running 9.3 or later

Current modules

  • cisco_asa_ikev1_policy
  • cisco_asa_network_object
  • cisco_asa_network_objectgroup
  • cisco_asa_write_mem

Installation of Ansible module

pip install rasa

As new modules are added you will need to update rasa to support newer features.

pip install rasa --upgrade

If you are running Ansible through a Python virtualenv you might need to change the ansible_python_interpreter variable. Check the hosts file in this repo for an example. You can clone this repo and copy the modules to your Ansible library path.

Known issues

  • Changing service object types doesn't work. I.e. changing an "object service" from tcp/udp/icmp to a network protocol.


If you have any questions or feedback. Please send me a note over at my blog or submit an issue here at Github.