An Ansible module to gather facts from devices using SNMP
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As of version 1.9 of Ansible this module ships as part of Ansible. There won't be any more development done in this repo and it is only left here for reference.


This is an Ansible module from Networklore. The snmp_facts module collects information from network devices such as router, firewalls and switches. This information is then stored as Ansible facts which can be used in Ansible playbooks.


Currently there isn't much documentation available, but the reasoning around this module is described in the post Gathering Ansible facts from network devices using SNMP.

The module itself contains basic information which shows you how to use it in a Playbook, also an example playbook comes bundled in this repo.


This repo assumes you have the DEPENDENCIES installed on your system.


Thes modules require the following to be installed on the Ansible server:

  • Python 2.7 (haven't tested other versions)
  • Ansible 1.5 or later
  • pysnmp 4.2.5 or later (haven't tested other versions)


GPL 2.0


  • Patrick Ogenstad (@networklore)