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A code generator based on rocker that can be used as a command line utility or web service.

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Build Status

The Light platform contains several frameworks to build different styles of APIs or microservices based on the contract specifications. It encourages users to create service contract specification before coding, and it would be nice if we can scaffold a project based on the designed specification. Further, it would be even sweeter if we could utilize the specification during runtime to verify the security and validate input request/out response based on the same specification.

Before we built our generator, we looked at the open-source community and couldn't find anything suitable for our needs. So we created one over a weekend, and it turned out very successful. If you want to know more about it, please check out the light-codegen document.

The generator is very easy to use, and there are numeric ways to use it. Command-line, Docker, Scripting, and Web UI. To get started, please follow the getting-started.

If you want to know all the options with the light-codegen, you can follow the tutorials for each generator at light-codegen tutorial.

Also, there are so many other tutorials that are using light-codegen to scaffold projects, and these can be found in the tutorial section.