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Running vEOS in a container

Note: this is an experimental release introducing bridge-less VM connection through macvtap interfaces.

This will run a vEOS as a KVM VM inside a Docker container. The assumption is that Docker host allows to run privileged containers and has KVM enabled

Build a vEOS docker image

(Optional) Convert VMDK to qcow on docker host

qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O qcow2 veos.vmdk veos.qcow2

Copy veos.vmdk into a local directory (otherwise provide paths to these files to and it will copy them for you)

./ ~/Downloads/veos.qcow2 

Note: This installer assumes the latest version of vEOS that doesn't require aboot.iso

Run a vEOS docker image

docker run -d --name veos --privileged veos

Allow up to 5 minutes to boot

Logging in to vEOS

docker exec -it veos telnet localhost 23

Inject startup config

Startup injection works by mounting an ISO CDROM to the vEOS VM and using an init script to extract the startup configuration from it. This works by building a custom vEOS image interactively using the following steps:

  • Once normal vEOS docker image is built, login the vEOS VM console for the first time:
$ docker run -d --name veos --privileged veos
$ docker exec -it veos bash
[root@03ac4c733bc7 /]# telnet localhost 23
  • From inside the vEOS drop into the bash shell, mount the CDROM and copy the init script into the persistent storage directory:
localhost login: admin
[admin@localhost ~]$ mkdir /tmp/cdrom 
[admin@localhost ~]$ sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /tmp/cdrom/
[admin@localhost ~]$ cp /tmp/cdrom/rc.eos /mnt/flash/
[admin@localhost ~]$ sudo shutdown now
  • Shutdown the VM, disconnect from the container and commit changes into a new image:
[root@03ac4c733bc7 /]# pkill qemu
[root@03ac4c733bc7 /]# rm -f /etc/config
[root@03ac4c733bc7 /]# exit
$ docker commit veos veos:latest
$ docker rm -f veos

From now on, you can mount startup configuration file into /mnt/flash/startup-config when creating a vEOS container and that file will be automatically mounted and copied into the /mnt/flash/startup-config inside the vEOS VM:

echo "hostname MYRANDOM-HOSTNAME" > my-config
docker run -d --name veos -v $(pwd)/my-config:/mnt/flash/startup-config --privileged veos
docker exec -it veos bash
[root@de16326e92f2 /]# telnet localhost 23

Uploading to Docker Registry

Assuming Docker registry is running as a POD on k8s cluster, create a pointer to the future vEOS docker image

export VEOS_IMAGE=$(kubectl get service docker-registry -o json | jq -r '.spec.clusterIP'):5000/veos:latest

Tag the current vEOS docker image with the registry url

docker image tag veos:latest $VEOS_IMAGE

Push the docker image into the registry

docker image push $VEOS_IMAGE

Note(Resolved?): VM running inside the container is connected via Linux Bridges. Ideally, we'd want to connect the VM directly using MACVTAP interfaces, but currently this is not supported due to this bug. May need to revisit later.

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