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fix docker copy files on windows

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gafferongames committed Aug 16, 2017
1 parent e47edb4 commit e02219c102d9b440290539036992d77608eab3b0
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@@ -6,5 +6,7 @@ copy ..\*.h yojimbo
copy ..\*.cpp yojimbo
copy ..\premake5.lua yojimbo
robocopy /MIR /DCOPY:T ..\tlsf yojimbo\tlsf
robocopy /MIR /DCOPY:T ..\ yojimbo\
robocopy /MIR /DCOPY:T ..\ yojimbo\
REM because robocopy sometimes sets non-zero error codes on successful operation. what the actual fuck windows
cmd /c "exit /b 0"

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