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Commits on Feb 2, 2016
  1. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1969 from dschult/master

    dschult committed
    minor doc changes on
  2. @dschult

    minor doc changes on

    dschult committed
    Fixed up some docs and whitespace noticed while reviewing #1690.
    One content change to get cost of uv-edge once in _dijkstra.
  3. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1690 from jfinkels/shortest-path-weight-function

    dschult committed
    Allows weight functions in shortest path functions
Commits on Jan 31, 2016
  1. @hagberg

    Merge pull request #1958 from Michael-E-Rose/communicability-fix

    hagberg committed
    Communicability fix
  2. @hagberg

    Merge pull request #1963 from dschult/fix_kcore

    hagberg committed
    Fix k_core for directed graphs. Add tests
  3. @hagberg

    Merge pull request #1966 from dschult/master

    hagberg committed
    Small changes leftover from #1847
  4. @hagberg

    Merge pull request #1962 from wuhaochen/gml_read

    hagberg committed
    Gml read fix.
Commits on Jan 30, 2016
  1. @hagberg

    Merge pull request #1965 from dschult/authors-docs

    hagberg committed
    Fix docstring formatting in richclub and generic
  2. @dschult

    Small changes leftover from #1847

    dschult committed
  3. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1847 from goulu/master

    dschult committed
    removed requirement of lib2to3
  4. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1925 from Arafatk/patch-9

    dschult committed
    Improving Documentation as per issue #1859
  5. @dschult
  6. @dschult
  7. @dschult

    Keep iterators from creating dicts

    dschult committed
    in average_shortest_path using single_source
    instead of all_pairs allows us to avoid making
    potentially large dicts.
  8. @dschult
  9. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1933 from jfinkels/uniform-random-k-out

    dschult committed
    Adds random uniform k-out generator
  10. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1945 from MridulS/jit2

    dschult committed
    JIT JSON writer, updates #881
  11. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1937 from hagberg/assert_graphs

    dschult committed
    Remove sorting from assert_nodes_equal, assert_edges_equal
  12. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1942 from MridulS/warning

    dschult committed
    Update deprecation warning
  13. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1947 from MridulS/readme

    dschult committed
    Update readme
  14. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1957 from dschult/copy-with-data

    dschult committed
    provides with_data options for shallow copies in G.copy
  15. @dschult

    Merge pull request #1961 from jfinkels/trivial-graph-avg-spl

    dschult committed
    Returns 0 for average path length of trivial graph
  16. @dschult

    Docstring changes to try out formats. pep8 too

    dschult committed is a good example to get "right"
    and we can work from there.  It has many special
    formatting tasks and is short enough to refer people to.
Commits on Jan 29, 2016
  1. @dschult
  2. @dschult
  3. @wuhaochen
  4. @wuhaochen
  5. @wuhaochen

    Allow single line tokens

    wuhaochen committed
Commits on Jan 27, 2016
  1. @jfinkels
  2. @jfinkels

    Returns 0 for average path length of trivial graph

    jfinkels committed
    This commit updates the `average_shortest_path_length` function to
    return zero for the trivial graph (the graph with a single node).
Commits on Jan 25, 2016
  1. @Michael-E-Rose
  2. @Michael-E-Rose
  3. @Michael-E-Rose
Commits on Jan 22, 2016
  1. @MridulS

    Update jit_graph and tests

    MridulS committed
Commits on Jan 21, 2016
  1. @dschult

    Add with_data option to G.copy

    dschult committed
    providing one style of shallow copies
    with other styles described in the docstrings
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