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grabbing images from graphml ImageNodes (migrated from Trac #748) #734

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NetworkX Trac Ticket Owner Aric Hagberg
NetworkX Trac Ticket Owner

Original ticket
Reported 2012-07-18 by zwerg44, assigned to @hagberg.

It would be nice to grab images from ImageNodes while reading graphml.

My solution in attachment.
see lines:

My platform: networkx 1.7, python27, windows

NetworkX Trac Ticket Owner

Comment in Trac by @hagberg, 2012-07-18

Thanks. Adding attachments as anonymous user sometimes doesn't work correctly here. So either try adding the attachment again to this ticket or else you can email it to

NetworkX Trac Ticket Owner

Attachment in Trac by zwerg44, 2012-07-18:

NetworkX Trac Ticket Owner

Comment in Trac by zwerg <zwerg44, 2012-07-18

My graphml with 'ImageNode' tags was created by yEd 3.9.

Aric Hagberg hagberg was assigned
Aric Hagberg

We need an example of a file to with ImageNodes to test for reading and writing.

Aric Hagberg

No other interest in implementing this after about a year.

Aric Hagberg hagberg closed this
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