Installs/Uninstalls magento online shop with phing build scripts.
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Magento installation with phing

This is a “fork” of Matthias Zeis “Mage Spawner”. You can find the original source code of Matthias under the following URL:

This script works with phing.

Install phing

Phing is a build system based on PHP. It’s syntax is similar to java build system ant.
You can easily install phing with pear installer.

pear channel-discover
pear install phing/phing

Run phing installer

Before you can start, please copy to and change the configuration in the file.
After setup the config you can run the build script with this command from bash within the Phing-Magento-Installer folder.

Start installation process

sudo phing install


sudo phing uninstall

Setup virtual hosts

The script is designed to work with VirtualDocumentRoot like described in Matthias Zeis readme file.