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<?xml version="1.0"?>
Phing build file to create a executable phar file by defined src.
Build phar with:
phing dist
<project name="n98-magerun" default="dist">
<taskdef name="patched-pharpackage" classname="build.tasks.PatchedPharPackageTask" />
<fileset dir="." id="root_folder">
<include name="config.yaml" />
<include name="MIT-LICENSE.txt" />
<fileset dir="src" id="src_folder">
<include name="**/**" />
<fileset dir="res" id="res_folder">
<include name="**/**" />
<fileset dir="vendor" id="vendor_folder">
<include name="**/**" />
<!-- VCS -->
<exclude name=".git/**" />
<exclude name=".svn/**" />
<!-- Docs -->
<exclude name="**/doc/**" />
<exclude name="**/docs/**" />
<!-- unused libs -->
<exclude name="fzaninotto/faker/src/Faker/ORM" />
<!-- Tests -->
<exclude name="**/Tests/**" />
<exclude name="**/tests/**" />
<exclude name="twig/twig/test/**" />
<exclude name="twig/twig/ext/**" />
<!-- Test utils -->
<exclude name="phpunit/**" />
<exclude name="mikey179/**" />
<target name="dist">
<exec command="composer.phar install --no-dev" dir="${project.basedir}" passthru="true" />
<phingcall target="dist_unix">
<property name="compression" value="bzip2" />
<!-- Revert dev settings -->
<exec command="composer.phar install --dev" dir="${project.basedir}" passthru="true" />
<target name="dist_hhvm">
<exec command="composer.phar install" dir="${project.basedir}" passthru="true" />
<phingcall target="dist_unix">
<property name="compression" value="none" />
<!-- Revert dev settings -->
<exec command="composer.phar install --dev" dir="${project.basedir}" passthru="true" />
<target name="dist_unix">
<patched-pharpackage basedir="./" stub="build/_cli_stub.php" signature="sha512" compression="${compression}" destfile="./n98-magerun.phar">
<element name="version" value="1.0.0" />
<element name="authors">
<element name="Christian Münch">
<element name="e-mail" value="" />
<fileset refid="root_folder" />
<fileset refid="src_folder" />
<fileset refid="res_folder" />
<fileset refid="vendor_folder" />
<!-- make phar executable -->
<exec command="git config core.filemode true" />
<exec command="git update-index --chmod=+x n98-magerun.phar" />
<chmod file="./n98-magerun.phar" mode="775" />
<exec command="git add ./n98-magerun.phar" />
<target name="install">
<exec command="sudo cp ${project.basedir}/n98-magerun.phar /usr/local/bin/n98-magerun.phar;" />
<exec command="sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/n98-magerun.phar;" />
<target name="test">
<exec command="vendor/bin/phpunit --debug --coverage-html ${project.basedir}/reports/coverage" passthru="true" />
<target name="apigen">
<apigen source="src" destination="doc/api" title="n98-magerun API" deprecated="true" todo="true" />
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