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Templates for PhpStorm IDE


Put Magento.xml file into config/templates folder of you PhpStorm configuration.
For detailed informations visit PhpStorm Live Template Web Help page.


The template folder can be found here: ~/Library/Preferences/WebIDE10/templates


The template folder can be found here: ~/.WebIde10/config/templates

Note: Newer PhpStorm versions store config in .WebIde40 folder

Magento Live Templates

The file Magento.xml contains some live templates for easy module config.xml creation.
You can access the templates by typing “magento” and the shortcut CTRL + J (CMD + J on Mac).

The templates support creation of:

  • Block definition
  • Event definition
  • Helper definition
  • Layout definition
  • Model definition
  • Module meta information
  • Router definition
  • Translation definition
  • E-Mail-Template definition
  • Cron definition
  • Setup definition