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Toolset for the OpenBSD source tree
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Codename Hellfish
OpenBSD source code from cvs put into git.
Uploaded for my own use.
If you want to use it go ahead, but don't expect support.
OpenBSD developers use cvs, don't bother them with git related stuff.
The hellfish repository wraps 4 submodules for src, ports, xenocara and www, as well as a bunch of related stuff.

hf - usage as of May 31 2017
usage: ./hf <command> [option] "input"
available commands (aliases)
kernel (ke): build kernel
	[-i] install
userland (us): build userland
xenocara (xe): build xenocara
release (re): build release
bsd.rd (rd): download and install bsd.rd
	[-u] also prepare for auto_upgrade
	[-d] download sets
upgrade (up): download sets and kernels
	[-a] <arch> download sets for arch
	[-u] upgrade system after download (the wrong way!)
cvsync (cs): sync cvs repos
	[-g] sync git repos with cvs
	[-p] push git repos after sync
hellfish (hf): recreate experimental branch
	[-p] pull first
	[-d] delete experimental branch
clean (cl): clean untracked files
	[-a] also clean hellfish repo
reset (re): reset uncommited changes
	[-a] also reset hellfish repo
pull: pull all git repos
push: push all git repos
cmd: execute command in all submodules
info: show info


* master: follows OpenBSD-current
* hellfish: experimental mods
* all other: testing/staging branches

* openbsd current or at least a recent snapshot
* cvsync
* git
* min. 8GB of space for $CVSROOT
* min. 4GB of space for $HFDIR
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